Great Lesehan in Gladhak Lanjhang

TRADITIONAL food from Madura not only sate and soto. There are many societies in Madura work as fisherman, so that there are many eatery and restaurants crowded in the roadside. One of them is lesehan seafood in Jalan Raya Ujung Piring No. 1 Bangkalan, Madura. This lesehan well known as Lesehan Gladhak Lanjhang.

q.jpgVarious menu of seafood are available here. Start from gurami, lobster until the big crab. The waitress will cook it by frying or roasted. The tourist can choose by her or his own desire. A big gurami controlled price Rp 45.000 complete with sambal terasi and fresh lalapan. Meanwhile, a kilo quarter of lobster can enjoyed only Rp 50.000.

There are many kinds of settee, which can choose after order the dish. A settee in a row tidily or tiny gazeboes built above the sea. Choosing gazebo is a great deal, because it can watch fishing attraction directly and the beautiful blue-sea which grown by mangrove tree decorated by nifty boat of the fisherman.

14654481303382The location can be start from Kamal Harbor or Suramadu Bridge. Turn left in the red light precisely of third deviation frontward STKIP College. If the journey started from Kamal Harbor, it takes around seven until ten minutes to arrive in the location, seafood Gladhak Lanjhang.

One stone killed two birds. Before arrived in the location, the tourist will pass pasarean Syaichona Cholil, and Mercusuar tower which located in Jalan Raya Ujung Piring too. The great bonus of beauty that will difficult to ignore.

*Published on Citizen Reporter of Surya in Bahasa version, Lesehan Nikmat Gladhak Lanjhang. Can read at this link

Water Fall from Pamekasan


Welcome to Pamekasan regency! The third regency beyond Madura island from the west through the east. Actually, there are many tourism places around Pamekasan, such as: Talang Beach, Api Tak Kunjung Padam that located in Dhangka, and Arek Lancor Monument but in this part, I will tell you about Samiran Water Fall.

Samiran Water Fall located in a village named Samiran, exactly in Kebun Hamlet, Proppo District of Pamekasan regency. It takes 7 km from the downtown.

If you started your journey from Bangkalan, you can begin from Suramadu Bridge or Kamal Harbour. If you ride motorcycle you pay free to pass Suramadu, 5.000, rupiah for across the sea by ship. You can ride public transportation from there such as AKAS. From Kamal Harbour you can ride mini-bus by paying 15.000,00 rupiahs. The trip takes 3 hours to Pamekasan.


From the downtown you can ride angkot or kind of taxi there with paying 5000,00 rupiahs but it still far from the location. You can ride ojek with 15.000,00 rupiahs with guarantee; the driver will accompany you until Samiran Water Fall, but if you travel with many people, it will better you rent a car. It will make easier your trip.

I suggest you to go down from your vehicle and enjoy the panorama through the trip, because there are many rivers and farming out there. You can also exceed the bridge that connected the rivers before arrived the location. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

For your information that around the location there is not ATM machine, hotel, or restaurant yet. So you should bring your own food and your tent.


When you arrived the location, your long trip will be payed. Madura known with hot air, but when you get there you will not feel that atmosphere because at that place there many trees such as Tectonia grandis, Casuarina eqnisetifolia, bamboo etc. You will relax there.

Take the great place in the north of waterfall. There are many Casuarinas and a lake beside the waterfall you can enjoy and song from bamboos that add how beautiful nature God had been creatured.


Build your tent and make your camp! That’s good place to make scout or outbond outside there. You can also spread out your carpet or mat and make it like hanami in Japan. Don’t forget open all of the snacks and drinks you bring. Enjoy them like a picnic.

For the souvenir, you can come into the society. There are many houses around the location. Pamekasan known as the best production of traditional food named Krepek Tette especially Proppo District. You will get Krepek Tette fresh from the oven then.

While getting the souvenir you can enjoy traditional house of Madura that named as taneyan lanjhang. As aphorism said, killing two birds with one stone. Yes!


You will get all of things there freely: the waterfall, lake, and houses. Please come and enjoy the entire panorama without fee, because Samiran Water Fall is a virgin tourism place.
Let’s go! Make the holiday more than holiday by visiting this place. Yosh!